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Signed copy of Mindie Burgoyne’s latest book and 4th book in the Haunted Shore Series – The Haunted Lower Eastern Shore, published by The History Press. Released October 8, 2016.

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Mindie Burgoyne publishes The Haunted Lower Eastern Shore, the 3rd book of the Haunted Shore series.

Get a signed copy of Mindie Burgoyne’s latest book The Haunted Lower Eastern Shore: Spirits of Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties, published by The History Press. Released October 8, 2016. PRICE: $21.99

The Foreward was written by historian and retired Professor, Dr. G. Ray Thompson.

This is the third book in the Haunted Shore three-book series that covers many of the sites on the Chesapeake Ghost Walks.  The Haunted Lower Eastern Shore includes twenty-eight stories of haunted sites in Maryland’s lower three counties on the Eastern Shore – Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset.  Many of the stories in the book are featured on the Princess Anne, Crisfield, Salisbury, Pocomoke, and Snow Hill Ghost Walks, so if you’ve been on the ghost walks and want a memento or if you aren’t able to attend a ghost walk but would like the stories, this book will fill your needs.

The tales of Teackle Mansion and Poplar Hill Mansion are included as are the disturbing stories about the old Princess Anne jail and courthouse. An entire section is devoted to the great Pocomoke Forest and River – an area with a 200-year legacy of being haunted. The Snow Hill Inn and Governor’s Mansion are included as are the Corbin Library and McCready Hospital in Crisfield The Lower Shore has some of the most isolated and spooky locations in Maryland. Read all about them in Haunted Lower Eastern Shore. 

…I started to realize that there was an invisible pull, a secret magnetic draw that pulsed beneath the landscape. It drew me to this region and keeps me here. It’s the stories. Little by little, they entice you. They weave you into the landscape so that it’s hard to leave. Around every turn, every bridge, every dirt road, every old homestead, every country store and every rusted out tractor, the is a story. And as the old stories are told and retold and kept alive, the spirits of the ancestors of the Eastern Shore people are fed and kept alive.

Copies ordered from this website will be signed by the author.

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