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Ghost & Graveyard BUS TOURS

Josiah Bayly House - Oldest House in Cambridge. Originally built in Annapolis, then dismantled and brought to Cambridge by barge adn rebuilt.
Josiah Bayly House – sits on the most haunted street in Maryland – High Street in Cambridge

10 Ghost Walks from Easton to Ocean City, MD

Lower Shore Ghost Walks – Ocean City:  Berlin, Pocomoke,  Snow Hill, Princess Anne and Crisfield.

Upper Shore Ghost Walks – Easton, St. Michaels, Cambridge, Denton

Welcome to Chesapeake Ghost Walks.

Chesapeake Ghost Walks on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is the largest cluster of regional ghost tours  in America. Ten separate night-time walks in Ocean City, Berlin, Pocomoke, Snow Hill, Princess Anne, Crisfield, Easton, Cambridge, St. Michaels and Denton  – all towns between the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. In the fall and winter there are haunted bus tours to the areas outside these towns. These are haunted tours that reveal the stories behind one of the most haunted regions in the USA.

Voted Best New Heritage Initiative by the Lower Eastern Shore Heritage Council.

130 Sites – 10 Walks

Together this cluster of ghost walks includes over 130 haunted sites and stories and 10 graveyards.  The spirits of pirates, sea captains, merchants, governors, soldiers, slaves, orphans, farmers, witches, hoteliers, doctors, actresses and “ladies of the evening” are revealed.  And though each walk stands on its own as a separate attraction, the haunted history between towns is connected.  Spirits from one featured town were often related-in-life to spirits from other featured towns.  Going on all ten walks will not only keep guests entertained, it will also give guests a broad perspective on Eastern Shore heritage.

Featured in the Washington Post Travel Section 

Great Storytellers – Family Entertainment

Each walk is led by a certified guide who is trained on the history and folklore of that particular town, as well as paranormal and psychic phenomena. Every tour is suitable for adults and kids, Except for Princess Anne (no children allowed). The Chesapeake Ghost Walks weave a tapestry of local lore and legend, and reveal the rich heritage of the Eastern Shore and the essence of its unique character.

Where are our Ghost Walks?

Our ghost walks are spread across the Delmarva peninsula on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Walks are as close as 30 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and within 2-3 hours of Washington, DC, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD and Wilmington DE.  The map shows the locations.

TOWNS – north to south are: Denton, St. Michaels, Easton, Cambridge, Ocean City, Berlin, Princess Anne,  Snow Hill, Pocomoke and Crisfield.

Chesapeake Ghost Walk Map of Locations

Ghost Walks in / near Ocean City MD
Ocean CityBerlinSnow HillPocomokePrincess Anne,Crisfield
Ghost Walks in / near Easton, MD
Easton, CambridgeSt. Michaels,  Denton

Scariest WalkPocomoke (goes into the forest)

Most Disturbing WalkPrincess Anne (no children under 12 permitted)

Most Haunted StreetCambridge (High Street – 14 properties on 1 street)

Strangest Energy –Berlin – Walking Dead, elemental, healing tree, ley lines

Haunted Trifecta – Ocean City – two sights with a murder, suicide and accidental death.

Rowdy WomenSt. Michaels – Ladies of the evening, fussy landlady, vanishing hippie and a woman who throws wine glasses.

Best GraveyardEaston – 10,000 graves, haunted grave, two healing trees.

Most Famous GhostsSnow Hill – only site on the Eastern Shore featured on Cable television (National Geographic Television Network)

Most Actively HauntedDenton Jail is the most haunted site on the Eastern Shore with spirits that are still active.

Haunted MaritimesCrisfield – Sea Captains, Seafood Barons, and everything Crabby.


Why the Eastern Shore?

The Eastern Shore  – that is the land east of the Chesapeake Bay – encompasses hundreds of square miles of rolling farmland, forest and marsh and is the least developed contiguous piece of agricultural land between Maine and Florida.  The landscape is flat and open with big skies and a shoreline is never far away. It’s an enchanting landscape that has remained largely unchanged since the British colonization.

Tucked into that mystical landscape are small towns that grew up with the seafood, farming and shipbuilding trades.  They were full of crazy characters, and there’s something magical about that open landscape that opens portals into the “other world” and the spirits of those characters peek through now and again. They may meet you on the stairs of your hotel or in a museum full of artifacts, on a nighttime walk through town, in your campsite, on a carousel ride, or in your guest room at a historic Inn.  You’ll be “walking with some of them” on every Chesapeake Ghost Walk.

Make a night of it – If meeting up with Chesapeake spirits wasn’t reason enough to buy a ticket for one of these walks, consider that most of the featured towns are designated Maryland Main Streets and / or Arts and Entertainment Districts and all have gorgeous historic architecture, amazing food, shops, cultural venues and recreational opportunities.  There’s enough to do to fill a weekend.

Healing Trees and Elementals

Guests on a Chesapeake Ghost Walks also learn about “healing trees” and elementals located inside these towns.  Healing trees have a strong energy that can be felt when a hand is placed close to the tree for a period of time.  Healers, or people who use holistic methods of treating illness, will sometimes visit these particular trees to engage with the tree energy. Ghost Walk guides will demonstrate how to engage with that energy.

Healing trees are featured on the Easton, Cambridge, Princess Anne and Berlin (2) Walks.  One known elemental is present in the Town of Berlin.

Every Town Becomes an Old Friend

Our walks combine heritage, folklore and present-day commentary so that each guest has an immersion experience with the town, its characters and its sense of mystery.  When you leave a Chesapeake Ghost Walk you’ll feel like the town you toured is an old friend.

All Chesapeake Ghost Walks are led by certified guides required to be well versed in the history and ghost-lore of that particular town.  They will not only keep you engaged, but will also help you discover your own capabilities for sensing spirits.

Find the Ghost Walks  –  Search by Town or By Date

You can find out about each individual town by clicking on The Towns link at the top of the page.  That page will have a link that says -“LISTING OF ALL UPCOMING GHOST WALKS OF [town name]”   Clicking on that will help you link to the ticket purchases.

To find a ghost walk that is scheduled, click on the Calendar link.  You can scroll through the months or click LIST VIEW for a running list up upcoming walks.


Don’t forget to check out the reviews some of our readers have left on TripAdvisor.

We hope you’ll join us for some walks this year.


60 thoughts on “Chesapeake Ghost Walks

  1. This was a most informative and entertaining tour with our guide Maria. We got some interesting history lessons and heard some eerie ghost stories as well. I can’t wait to attend the ghost walks in the nearby cities. Thanks Maria!

  2. I Apologize, but just seen your message. We had an Awesome time with you all as well! Also had a Great time at the Apple Butter Festival!

  3. My wife and I were down for Halloween weekend 2015. We did the Ocean City walk on Friday and the Princess Anne walk on Saturday. We even hiked to the Rackcliff house on Assateague. What a great time we had. The tours and guides are very informative.

    Thanks for doing this.

  4. We just got tickets to the Ocean City Ghost Tour for this Friday October 30th; looking so forward to it.

  5. My husband and I took the Ocean City ghost walk last night and our guide was Mindie. We both had so much fun!! We are local (Ocean Pines) so we already knew most of the sites, but we learned so many new things on the walk that it gave us an entirely new perspective on this town we have loved for many years. Mindie is a treasure of knowledge and presents real historical stuff in a fascinating way. She’s a good writer, too, and I highly recommend her book, “Haunted Ocean City and Berlin”. We’re looking forward to going on more ghost walks!

  6. I was wondering about your bus tours. I have heard from several guides about them but no one knew for sure when they were starting or pricing

    Thank you!

  7. Can you Please send a price list…
    Thank you for any information…it all sounds like fun

  8. There was a family emergency and the 4 of us aren’t able to make it tomorrow evening for the Cambridge walk! What can I do?!!! I just bought my tickets less than 24 hours ago

  9. My friends and I did the Easton Ghost Walk, and we enjoyed it so much and had so much fun, that we’re doing the Princess Anne on 7/31, the guide told us that it is one of the best ones. We are super excited, can’t wait! We all are looking forward to a really scary night!!!

  10. I’m Trying to purchase a ticket for my husband to go on the Pocomoke walk this Saturday night 7/11 and the site won’t let me. Please contact me via my email so he will be able to enjoy this experience with our group that is already going. Thank you!!

  11. We did the Ocean City Ghost Walk with Kelly last Friday, May 29, 4 of us. I’ve been coming to OC for 50 some years and I’m still learning OC history. Kelly was so upbeat, informative and just so much fun, that we all loved our tour. I learned so much and congratulate you on doing this service and having such wonderful tour guides. We did Easton in April and loved it, too. Thank you, Kelly, for you grand OC tour. We had so much fun learning more about OC.

  12. We went on the Chesapeake ghost walk-pocomoke last night it was great. Your guide was nice and funny and told a lot of great stories

  13. Do you have anymore seats for the tour on 3/14? I need 2 tickets, in case you have any availabilities or anyone cancels. Yhabks!

  14. I purchased 2 tickets this evening (2/18/15) for the Ghost tour on March 14, 2015. I realized too late that I had given my email address incorrectly. Is there a way to correct it? The correct address should be the one listed above. Please advise. My email is: or cell # 410-726-0970. Thank you.

  15. Hi guys… family has experienced numerous paranormal activity in this house that we used to live in, on rte 404, Denton, MD. Trust me, living in it wasn’t fun. The house was torn down and a golf course put up there. It was the old Upland Farm….kitchen doors slamming, being pushed down steps, demons bouncing around your room, feeling of always being watched, feeling of sheets of ice on your back…but the icing that took the cake was when something imitated my daughter while lying in her bed positioned as if in a casket. It was so real that I thought she stayed home from school. I SAW HER, IT, LAYING THERE THREE TIMES IN S ROW!! I left and had went to her school.and had to.see for myself that she was there…she was. I then determined to move and I found a place in Cambridge MD. NO.I wasn’t on any drugs or alcohol of any sort. I wasn’t the only one experiencing these things there.
    Supposedly a woman was murdered in that house years and years ago.
    Anyone know why a person has numerous accounts of experiences? More than one home over the years? I have had several homes over the years where events would happen…I’d like someones opinion.
    Meanwhile, could I be added to your email? How does this work? I stumbled on this site trying to see if others had experiences in some of these places we’ve lived. I find this interesting.
    Thanks guys

  16. Just a quick logistics question. I bought 2 tickets through PayPal for Jan. 10. I did not receive actual tickets; just a confirmation from PayPal that the payment had been made. Did I miss an email from your company or is the confirmation from Paypal all that is necessary?

    1. Hey Jo Ellen. We resent the tickets but it doesn’t really matter because your guide will have a checklist of everyone on the tour and you are on the list. So no worries. We’ll see you on the 10th!

  17. Will be in OC in October would like to do the Berlin walk, how and when can we get tickets?

    Thank you

    1. Hey Christina.
      Check out our October Calendar
      The Berlin tours are offered on Thursday all month. Just click on the tour you’d like to attend and purchase the tickets on line. You have up until 48 before the start of the tour to cancel the tickets and get a refund, so don’t worry about it being booked so far in the future.
      Thanks for your interest.

  18. We just did the Princess Anne ghost walk this past Saturday and were curious about the kid who lived in the house of the talking pictures/paintings ( of the clown) we were curious of the guys name because we were told he wrote a couple books too. Please let us know. Thank you.
    The Benedicts

    1. Erik, the man I mentioned was Andy Nunez. He’s an author who lives in Somerset County and has written several books on hauntings on the Eastern Shore. He also participates in paranormal investigations. I mentioned Andy’s name at that house because he is the one who collected the story. You can find Andy on Facebook or email him at editor @ <-- remove the spaces when you type the address in.

  19. Coming to Ocean City for vacay in August. Registered for the Aug. 13 tour. My daughter and I are sooooooo excited!! Can’t wait!

  20. Would like to know when Berlin or oc ghost tours are. Would love to go How much does this cost

    1. You can purchase tickets in advance if you come to our office in Marion Station, or mail in a payment to our address specifying which tour you’d like. You should look ahead and identify the tour you want. Then purchase the tickets. If you wait until the week of the tour, it will most likely sell out. Our address and contact information can be found on the CONTACT link at the top of the web page.

  21. Would LOVE to have you come to Elkton’s Main Street and maybe put together a walk? Many buildings built in late 1700s and the town has a rich history of “paranormalisms”. We have the manpower to help out. Just a thought!

  22. Hi Mindie……I love this stuff….I even plan on enrolling in an online course in Paranormal Investigation……but anyway – LOL – I walk with a cane so I was wondering what would be the best way for me to enjoy one of your tours…….thanks…….

    1. Hi Cathy. If walking is difficult you may want to use a motorized scooter of wheel chair if you can get your hands on one. I’ve had guests on the walks that make use of these and it works pretty well.

      Otherwise, the bus tour would probably be the best for you. I have one scheduled this Saturday – the Somerset tour. Good luck with your paranormal investigation training. Sounds like fun.

  23. I wish I lived there,I would love to be a part of it all! The site is easy to follow and navagate.

  24. My wife and I found a Ghost Tour that was done in Kinsale, County Kerry, Ireland a couple years ago and was impressed at both, the amount of historical information was presented and the fun of the Ghost walk itself.

    I live on the Virginia Eastern Shore and was thinking the town of Eastville, VA might be a good candidate for getting a Walk started. There’s a tremendous amount of History represented there with the Old Courthouse, which houses the oldest, continuous records of life in the area going back to the 17th Century. With Revolutionary, Civil, and World war history available, it should be a very educational and entertaining event series.

    1. Sounds great, Douglas. We’ll be looking for new tours to add this year. I’m definitely interested in Onancock and Chincoteague. We’ll take a look at Eastville too. Thanks for the suggestion. And I know the guy who does the Kinsale ghost tour. He’s fabulous.

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