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Mindie Burgoyne

I’m Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake. I’d like to invite you to sign up to receive my Chesapeake Ghost Walks e-newsletter which will keep you updated about upcoming tours, presentations and ghost walks.

With each issue, I include a new ghost story  – I’m learning more every week.  I’ll also have a section about what the fans say on our walks – perhaps some stories they’ve shared with me.  And I’ll include a photo taken by one of our guests on the ghost walks that shows something strange or eerie.  I love to tell a story and the newsletter allows me to reach all of you every once in awhile.

Newsletter frequency?  Whenever I get to it.  I promise it won’t be more than once a month, but I’ll try to put out at least 7 or 8 a year.

Thanks for your support and interest.

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1 thought on “FREE Newsletter Sign Up

  1. I very much appreciate hearing from you and look forward to going on a tour or storytelling thank you for sharing wirh us so very interesting and intriguing☄

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