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Gift Book Sets – great holiday gifts for lovers of ghost stories and Eastern Shore Heritage

Holiday Gifts from Chesapeake Ghost tours

Mindie Burgoyne has written four books on haunted sites and places on the areas east of the Chesapeake Bay. These books collectively contain over 100 stories and will entertain and inform those who love ghost stories and the history of the Eastern Shore. The books are suitable for readers from Middle-school age to seniors. Each books contains approximately 25 stories from a particular region on the Eastern Shore.

GREAT FOR YOUNG ADULT READERS – through Senior Readers.  Middle School to 99 years – – these books present a classic collection of Eastern Shore history and mystery. Entertaining but informative.  Mindie Burgoyne spent years researching the tales and folklore that reveal the old culture of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Books can also be combined with Gift Certificates for ghost tours.  The books can also be purchased individually or in a gift set as shown below.

NEW!  Complete Eastern Shore Series
4 book-set by Mindie Burgoyne

Haunted Books - set of four

The Complete Eastern Shore Haunted series (shown above). 4 books with stories covering 10 counties signed by Mindie Burgoyne …. and Free Shipping

The “Complete Eastern Shore Series” – 4 books

All books will be signed by author, Mindie Burgoyne, owner of Chesapeake Ghost Tours and the person who crafted all of the tours. We are happy to drop-ship to your intended receiver.

Over 100 haunted tales about places in ten Eastern Shore Counties in Maryland and Delaware.    Read more ….

NEW! 3-book Set of Haunted Stories $59.99 plus free shipping

The Haunted Eastern Shore Series

Get the three books authored by Mindie Burgoyne that focus on the Mid and Lower Shore regions. This is a total of 75 stories covering the Chesapeake Trail of eleven ghost walks in six counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore (plus a few Delaware stories – Woodland, Maggie’s Bridge, Cannon Hall, the Witches Tree). This set includes the story of the author’s own haunted house and her account of what led her to study and write about ghosts on the Eastern Shore.  Signed by the author, personalized if you wish, and drop-shipped directly to your intended receiver.

Gift Certificates / Book Combinations

Consider a Ghost Tour / Book Combination. Purchase one gift certificate for two tickets to a ghost walk for any one of the eleven towns we feature, plus a copy of one of the four books in the Haunted Series. Price for the combo is $59.99 plus free shipping.

Two Ghost Walk Tickets and signed copy of Haunted Lower Eastern Shore

Two Ghost Walk Tickets and signed copy of Haunted Mid-Shore

Two Ghost Walk Tickets and signed copy of Haunted Ocean City and Berlin

Two Ghost Walk Tickets and signed copy of Haunted Eastern Shore


 Two book set – your choice $43.98

Haunted Book Set - Mindie Burgoyne's Haunted Series

Choose any two books from Mindie Burgoyne’s Haunted Series. Each book is focused on a region of the Eastern Shore delving deeply into that regional landscape. Each book contains about 20-25 stories. Mindie Burgoyne will sign and personalize the books. We drop ship! So have us send them directly to your intended with a gift note. Read more about the individual titles on our BOOKS PAGE

Individual Books

Haunted Lower Eastern Shore by Mindie Burgoyne


These books are all available for purchase individually on this website.