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  1. Hi- We’ve been investigating a property in Harford County- a Quaker house that was built in the early 1800s- it was part of the Underground Railroad. Do you know of anyone who is of African American descent who knows West African or Jaimacan Patois dialects? Our mediums are getting feed back but we can’t connect if we don’t know the language.
    Much thanks,

    1. I wish we could help, but sadly, we don’t have any connections with people who might know those dialects. I’m not even sure who to direct you to – – perhaps a college or university that has a West African studies program. You also may want to contact Kate Clifford Larson. She is an author/speaker who has done extensive research on the Underground Railroad. She may know a linguist. Good luck.

  2. Hi there, wondering if you do any 21+ tours that you can also stop at bars/breweries with discounted beverages?

  3. I saw your post on haunted inns of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I was looking up River House Inn, to book a room there. It seemed away from the main tourist area considering covid, etc, but near Assateague National Park. Google showed me an article about a woman who was murdered and her boyfriend worked at the Inn. He buried her body in the backyard, where construction was going on.

    What about Mansion House?

    1. River House Inn is a beautiful place to stay with very fine hosts. While the situation with Christine Sheddy is true, the energy and feel of the River House is peaceful and beautiful. We highly recommend a stay there. The Mansion House is also beautiful and in a lovely setting on the water at Public Landing. We think Chanceford Hall is also open now with new owners. Check those out. Thanks for stopping by the website. we hope you enjoy your stay.

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