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Old Ailsey’s Light – Crisfield


Old Ailsey's Light in Crisfield - Janes Island
Janes Island view of the marsh from the campground.

Old Ailsey’s Light is a legend about a light seen over the uninhabited Janes Island in Crisfield – Somerset County, Maryland near Flatcap Marsh.

From time to time, campers at Janes Island State Park in Crisfield will report seeing a strange light hovering above the salt marsh across Daugherty Creek Canal. Unlike swamp gas, it moves in a convulsive manner—hovering and then shooting one horizontal direction before burning out. And some reports state that the light is accompanied by the sound of a high-pitched moan—like a cat or woman wailing. The light isn’t reported to be white like a comet or a meteor. It’s orange like a fireball. Some people say that the light is nothing more than swamp gas being released from the marsh, but swamp gas doesn’t dart around. It bubbles up and then dissipates into the atmosphere. Continue reading Old Ailsey’s Light – Crisfield

Labor Day Weekend Ghost Walks – Princess Anne, Snow Hill & Crisfield

What are you doing this Labor Day Weekend? There are three ghost walks scheduled on the Lower Shore that are sure to be entertaining. Two in Somerset County – Crisfield and Princess Anne – and one in Snow Hill.  Adult tickets are $15 and kids tickets (8-12) are $9. All tickets must be purchased in advance.

SPECIAL OFFER for Labor Day Weekend walks – Buy 3 Adult tickets and receive a 4th ticket free. Use promo code 4thtixfree to automatically receive the discount.

Princess Anne – Friday, 8/29 at 8pm
(adults only)

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