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Mindie Burgoyne is a travel writer, tour guide and tour operator living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is the author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake and operates Chesapeake Ghost Walks and Thin Places Mystical Tours.

The Old Jail in Princess Anne - Photo by Desiree Wallace

Phantom Face in the Window – Princess Anne Jail

A guest on the Princess Anne Ghost Walk snapped a photo of the old jail with her smart phone. The image she snapped appears above. She then turned to me and asked if I saw a face in the window. As we expanded the picture, the face was not only present … it was amazing.

The face appears to be that of a small boy – and unlike the orbs, streaks of light, misty fog and scratchy laser-like images that typically appear in images with supposed “ghostly” anomalies, this image shows the outline of a hairline, eyebrows, a nose, cheeks a mouth – all appearing in the lower center pane of the building’s center window.

Face in the window of the old Princess Anne Jail - Photo by Desiree Wallace
Face in the window of the old Princess Anne Jail – Photo by Desiree Wallace

What makes this image even more strange is that the window, itself has no flooring in front of it. The first floor has a steel staircase directly behind it leaving the second floor window – shown above – open to the first floor. There’s no possible way anyone could have been standing in that window.  There is no floor to support a body.  Continue reading Phantom Face in the Window – Princess Anne Jail

Ghost Tours this Week – Sept 6th to 10th 2016


Ghost Tours this week - Princess Anne, St. Michaels, Ocean City, Cambridge, Berlin
Teackle Mansion is featured on the Princess Anne Ghost Walk

Walk with us through through some of the most haunted towns in Maryland. Join any of our 6 ghost tours this week across the Eastern Shore.
Tickets $15 for adults and $9 for kids (8-12)  No kids tickets for Princess Anne
Get tickets online or call the ghost phone at 443.735.0771   Tour Calendar

Fri 9/9 ST MICHAELS -Ghosts of rowdy women + pennies from heaven
Sat 9/10 CAMBRIDGE – Most haunted street in Maryland

Thu 9/8 BERLIN – Walking dead, elementals, healing tree
Fri 9/9 PRINCESS ANNE Our most disturbing tour (no kids tickets)
Sat 9/10 OCEAN CITY ghosts of Ocean City’s historic downtown

Tue 9/6 OCEAN CITY ghosts of Ocean City’s historic downtown
Thu 9/8 BERLIN – Walking dead, elementals
Sat 9/10 OCEAN CITY ghosts of Ocean City’s historic downtown

Maryland’s Eastern Shore has so many hidden sites that few tourists get to see. There are 8-10 sites with haunted stories attached on every one of our ten ghost walks. This week FIVE of the ten are walks are featured in six tours.

Visit our Tour Calendar to see all available walks. They run all year long.
Tickets $15 for adults and $9 for kids (8-12)
Get tickets online or call the ghost phone at 443.735.0771

Read more about our ghost tours on our home page.

Who Haunts the Snow Hill Inn?


Snow Hill Inn - haunted MarylandThe Ghost of the Snow Hill Inn is one of the best known and most told ghost stories on Delmarva.  The building known as The Snow Hill Inn currently stands empty on East Market Street in Snow Hill, MD. It’s believed to be haunted by the ghost of William Aydelotte, a young pharmacology student who allegedly committed suicide so as not to disappoint his overbearing father.  According to local lore, William has disturbed so many people over the years with his mischief that the site gained enough notoriety to become the only property on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to be featured as a haunted site on national television.

National Geographic Television Network featured the Snow Hill Inn on its Is it Real series back in 2005.  Since shortly after that show aired, the building was vacated.  Though it’s been sold several times since, the right owner hasn’t yet come along and the old Inn which also William’s childhood home has fallen into disrepair.  Continue reading Who Haunts the Snow Hill Inn?

Path into the Pocomoke Forest

The Haunted Pocomoke Forest and its Urban Legends

Urban Legends and Folklore About the Pocomoke – Most Haunted Forest in Maryland


Pocomoke Forest most haunted forest in Maryland

There’s nothing like some good old urban legends about severed heads, hitchhikers and ladies in white to get the conversation going around a campfire. There are scores of these stories set in Pocomoke Forest – all alleged to be true. In fact, there was even a research paper about the forest and its lore in the Folklore collection at the Edward H. Nabb Center at Salisbury University. Here are some of the most intriguing tales of the forest.

The Boyfriend

A boy and a girl were in a car and ran out of gas. They heard something. The boy got out to look for a phone and he told her not to turn around or get out of the car and to lock all the Continue reading The Haunted Pocomoke Forest and its Urban Legends

Old Ailsey’s Light – Crisfield


Old Ailsey's Light in Crisfield - Janes Island
Janes Island view of the marsh from the campground.

Old Ailsey’s Light is a legend about a light seen over the uninhabited Janes Island in Crisfield – Somerset County, Maryland near Flatcap Marsh.

From time to time, campers at Janes Island State Park in Crisfield will report seeing a strange light hovering above the salt marsh across Daugherty Creek Canal. Unlike swamp gas, it moves in a convulsive manner—hovering and then shooting one horizontal direction before burning out. And some reports state that the light is accompanied by the sound of a high-pitched moan—like a cat or woman wailing. The light isn’t reported to be white like a comet or a meteor. It’s orange like a fireball. Some people say that the light is nothing more than swamp gas being released from the marsh, but swamp gas doesn’t dart around. It bubbles up and then dissipates into the atmosphere. Continue reading Old Ailsey’s Light – Crisfield

Book Launch – The Haunted Mid-Shore – Oxford

Come to a Book Launch of The Haunted Mid-Shore
Sat. 8/29 at The Robert Morris Inn – Oxford 5-7pm

The Haunted MId-Shore by Mindie Burgoyne

On Saturday, August 29, 2015 at the Robert Morris Inn in Oxford, MD, Mindie Burgoyne will be present to sign and sell copies of her latest book – The Haunted Mid-Shore: Spirits of Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot CountiesThe book in the second in what will be a 3-book series of on haunted sites that are covered in Burgoyne’s 10-town Chesapeake Ghost Walk trail. The Haunted Mid-Shore was published by The History Press as part of their  “Haunted America” series. Books sold at this launch will be the first of this edition publicly sold.

The launch begins at 5pm and ends at 7pm. Everyone is welcome and there is no cost to attend.  The book launch is being held at The Robert Morris Inn in Oxford, a historic Inn and restaurant that is also featured on the cover of the book. Co-owner, Ian Fleming provided the Foreward for the book.

Room 10 will be open to the Public

Mr. Fleming will also be on site and has offered to open the haunted “Room 10” to the public so they can have a look at the most haunted room in the Inn where Mindie Burgoyne had her own haunted experience.

SPECIAL DRAWING for attendees – $410 value

Continue reading Book Launch – The Haunted Mid-Shore – Oxford

The LeCompte Curse – Cambridge

LaCompte House - Cambridge

The LeCompte Curse – Blindness in the Male Line

There’s an old legend about the LeCompte family curse of blindness befalling male descendents. The curse was cast by Indians in the Cambridge area that Antoine LeCompte drove off of his land back in the 17th century.LeCompte Bay is named after Antoine LeCompte and it was on those shores that the curse was allegedly cast. Oddly enough, the LeCompte do have a legacy of blindness in their male line.

We stop at theLeCompte House on High Street to tell this story. And while this  house has no particular haunted legend, guests on our ghost walks get more oddities in photos at this stop than any other stop on the tour (there are 14 stories shared on the tour). Continue reading The LeCompte Curse – Cambridge

The Henry Colored Hotel – Still Rocking!

Henry Hotel has Happy Spirits

Henry Hotel - Ocean City MD
The Henry Hotel – aka “Henry’s Colored Hotel”

The old Henry Hotel still sits vacant at the corner of Baltimore and South Division Street in Ocean City, Maryland.  Most people would never notice this three story, 20-roomed hotel, covered with brown shingles across from Trimper’s Rides.  The entire hotel is about the size of most single family homes found in upscale Western Shore neighborhoods.  The Henry has been out of commission since its most recent owner, Pearl Bonner died in 2003.  Pearl was a legend in her own right, when as a single, African American woman raising three daughters she purchased the property in 1964.  For forty summers she ran the hotel, putting her daughters to work when they needed money for their college educations.  All of them are college graduates.

Pearl ran the hotel more as a rooming house for African American men who worked in Ocean City, rather than a vacation destination for black patrons looking to relax. Continue reading The Henry Colored Hotel – Still Rocking!

Haunted Minute – Cambridge and Bloody Henny

Bloody Henny was hanged next to the Cambridge Courthouse

Spring Valley was the name for the area that is now a nice park with a fountain adjacent to the Cambridge Courthouse.

Human emotion certainly impacts the energy field around a site, so when there’s a traumatic occurrence, the energy field picks up those emotions. When the trauma is repeated and repeated – as in a place of corporal punishment – the energy gets stronger and stronger, and the sense of place takes on those emotions.

Hangings, whippings, slave auctioning and public judgements all happened in this spot. Today, it is linked with legends of spirits that still prowl around this park at night.

Join one of the Cambridge Ghost Walks to experience this place up close and personal, and hear the full story of Bloody Henny, plus 13 other haunted properties on High Street.